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Utility Smart


Utility Smart, based in London, work with SME’s and Enterprise sized businesses to procure new energy contracts and help tailor them to their individual needs. They provide a complete, non-biased, impartial insight to any type of business and offer the cheapest rates plus vital information concerning the tariffs available. They help companies compare key points including billing, additional discounts and T&C’s via their highly trained consultants who ensure businesses can make the right decision when it comes to their energy contracts.


As part of their service, Utility Smart opt for field based consultants to regularly meet clients face to face to reach agreements and provide a more personal approach. Due to the competitive nature of their industry, they understand that expectations are always increasing, so they wanted to better serve their customers and ensure that they could provide the best quality service possible and provide a sales interaction that was highly efficient. Utility Smart had become aware of competitors that already had systems in place that streamlined their quotations and ensured accurate pricing when meeting clients in person and came to us to see if we could help. They asked us if we could make an automated web based price configurator to be used specifically by their field based sales team. “We had never used a system like this before as we didn’t think a company our size could buy such software for the price given. We thought that only very large enterprises would be able to implement such complex systems!” Michael Jarret – Director – Utility Smart


When we received their proposal, we began to uncover exactly what Utility Smart does and how their sales process works. We asked them questions to ensure that we can, not only fulfil their needs and objectives, but go beyond their this to provide a top-quality service. Through our discussions we wanted to understand what their problem was and help critically analyse exactly where they needed to be. We discussed topics such as its design, how it should be managed and its functionality. We understand that usability is essential and it was important for us and them that we could provide a bespoke software system they could be proud of. We created a web based CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) calculator for their field based sales team that could allow them to manage complex quotes and provide a clear, transparent price to their clients, all in real time. They no longer had to rely on manual processes which typically take too long and are subjective to errors. Often prices must be approved of multiple parties but the CPQ system facilitated a quick, accurate solution to the problem. By doing this Utility Smart are now able to accelerate their sales process, improve their win rates and prevent previous obstacles that stood in between the consultant and the client.

“We found that Thomas Cole Digital really hit the nail on the head in terms of matching the description we sent. We were chuffed with its design and found the functionality was great! We would certainly recommend Thomas Cole Digital to fulfil any problems you need to solve. Just send them a brief and trust that they will complete the job at the highest standard. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or an enterprise, nothing is out of reach” Michael Jarret – Director – Utility Smart






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