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"Only Jeff Knows"

"Only Jeff Knows"

Give Jeff a break and automate your work.

We`ve all got a Jeff. The engine of the company who knows how to get things done. For many businesses, he`s the one who knows everything about the sales leads, the quotes, the orders and all the technical things in between.

But why not make your life easier?

It is understandable to have team players who have excelled in delivering tasks and responsibilities, but you may be holding them back from their full potential.

Technology can help you automate the monotonous tasks they know how to do and free up their time. Remember Jeff is the gem of your company, but he won’t be their forever. By allowing technology to accomplish the critical tasks needed for your company to operate, your ensuring your long-term survival.

We`re offering a free one-hour consultation to learn and understand how your business functions, below are just some of the solutions we have provided our clients:


Data entry systems

Configure Price Quote systems (Blog post here)

CRM systems

Order process system


1. Say Goodbye to paperwork and ensure your office data is always up to date.

2. We can help you capture valuable information in real time that can be accessed by all members of staff or you can choose who sees information depending on what their privilege. It`s completely up to you!

3. In fact you get to choose your own parameters for data entry, unlike off-the-shelf packages.

4. We can help automate your workflow ensuring that human error is drastically reduced and help free up your time by ensuring data is transferred from one system to the other. No more boring admin for you or your staff.


1. Save you and your staff time doing administrative work which means you can spend more time doing creative things.

2. Reduce your costs!

3. Give you the peace of mind you need. You can rely on technology to store and retrieve vital information in a matter of seconds.

Contact us today and we provide a free 1 hour consultation with you to ensure we can deliver exactly what you need. In this hour we can discuss what systems you have in place now and how we can help you advance your company to ensure you become functional, manageable and efficient

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