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More services online, the best advice for business?

At the present time, with a huge number of individuals worldwide under lockdown, self-isolating or indeed coming out of lockdown, even more searches are happening on the web.

It's the best way to learn, speak to friends, or shop at this moment. The coronavirus pandemic was caused to a limited extent by our hyper-connected society, which enabled the virus to make itself around the world in a few weeks, however our hyper-connected society can also be the solution for small business owners.

We are as of now used to doing ordinary every day exercises on the web, chatting to friends and family, buying and selling, and researching, so moving your dealings with clients online won't feel like an extreme change for them. Covid-19 has quite recently given individuals who opposed an additional push to join to get online. What's more, you have an entire abundance of online devices to look over to help your business. Zoom video is an incredible asset. Skype and Whatsapp video calls are additionally powerful. But don’t forget your website, it can be a great tool for advertising your business and selling products but also it can help your customers get quotes for jobs without needing to meet face to face. Imagine having a 24/7 salesperson on your website able to give an accurate quote.

Here at Thomas Cole Digital that is what we can do for you. A quote system won't just provide a price it can be seamlessly integrated with your website checkout allowing for instant transactions and be integrated directly with your accounts package or internal CRM. Get in touch today to see how we can help your business get online [email protected]



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More services online, the best advice for business?

COVID-19 Ecommerce Effects

COVID-19 and the effects on E-Commerce


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