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Choose Cloud Computing: The platform to facilitate all of your data privacy, management and business needs.

Choose Cloud Computing: The platform to facilitate all of your data privacy, management and business needs.

Cloud computing.

When researching new and exciting software applications to elevate your business to success, you may come across companies claiming that their product is hosted in the cloud. 

The cloud has become an incredibly important paradigm in today’s world, in both B2B and B2C. To access new products, stored on the cloud, it’s as simple as opening your internet browser (or it may be a mobile app) and you should be able to access all the data required for you to enjoy your latest cloud-based purchase.

If you’re reading this and you are unsure on the potential of cloud computing, then you are not alone. Although Cloud Computing is becoming more ubiquitous, a 2016 Gartner report claims that even infrastructure and operations leaders who are developing these solutions often fail to exploit the full potential of cloud-computing.

If you oversee procurement and you’ve been assigned the task to purchase something to help reach your businesses goals, perhaps you haven’t thought about the pros and cons of the purchase being on ‘the cloud’. This article should help decipher what is important to you and hopefully it will help you in your decision-making process.




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Cloud computing goes beyond traditional services computing, which is the linkage between business processes and IT Services. Cloud computing promises reliable services delivered through next-generation data centres that are built on virtual technology.

This basically means that end-users will be able to access applications and data wherever they are, on demand.

Cloud computing has the potential to transform large parts of the IT industry and many are chasing the dream of computing as the 5th utility (The other 4 utilities being electricity, telephony, gas and water). Therefore, we believe cloud computing is here to stay. 

Entrepreneurs are constantly digging away to uncover the fastest access to innovation which drives higher productivity. Cloud computing trumps traditional cycles of change as it offers organisations the ability to apply a continuous stream of manageable improvements to their systems rather than intolerable, disruptive batches of change. Typically, these changes often require an overhaul of staff training too, which you don’t necessarily get with cloud-based updates.

Also, because data is stored in the cloud and not on a single computer, it allows teams to work together effectively, regardless of location. An example of this is Google Docs, a web-based application suite that allows multiple people to work together on one document. Before, team members would be required to send a document back and forth until the document was completed but now users can apply updated and corrections in real-time whilst the other user works on other sections of the document. 




Ever heard of Synchronous replication? Don’t worry if you haven’t. If a cloud-based product has the ability of synchronous replication, it basically means that it will write data to primary storage facilities and to a replica simultaneously. So, if your data centre becomes unavailable for any reason, the system is designed to instantly fall back to a secondary data centre with no visible interruption.

The cloud provides extensive flexibility and control over data. Just because you’re ditching your old technology for a cloud-based system, doesn’t mean the provider will hold the data you input. You still hold ownership over your data.

Finally, the cloud is the answer for all your software integrations. Building customer functionality can help you build up a system that separates you from the rest and allows you to take ideas and turn them into a reality (if you have the skills to do so, if not then we can certainly help). Most platforms are open source which allows software developers to access its API and work their magic.

Open source is great as more and more clever people get access to work and improve any flaws they find. The opposite from the phrase “security through obscurity”. The quality improves as users get a say in its development rather than having to put up with what they are given. This allows customisability, freedom and flexibility.  


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