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Saffwood Communications

Saffwood Communications


Saffwood communications is a specialist provider of hosted VoIP phone systems and VoIP services. They offer businesses the opportunity to vastly improve how they handle customer contact and at the same time reduce costs. Saffwood Communications operate out of three UK offices including Warrington (sales & account management), London (head office) and Leicester (2nd line support).


Saffwood communications had historically used various developers in the past to create databases and applications that had simply become inefficient and unorganised. They came to us for help and asked if we could unify their systems into an easy, manageable process that ensured their business workflow could operate at a much higher performance and improve the management of their staff. Their business processes had become over complicated and due to previous developers using different approaches in the designing of each application, Saffwood communications found it difficult to resolve the issue. They needed a simple, functional process to get tasks done.

How did we help?

We built a business management platform that enabled Saffwood communications’ systems to integrate with each other which supported communications across departments and improves their process efficiency. The application we built provided management and staff a holistic view across the whole company which reduced the time they typically experienced when trying to organise and manipulate data. We have since been able to augment this application through the creation of wallboards which presents new opportunities for Saffwood Communications’ to understand their customers.